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Know About BHUTAN

Bhutan, Land of Thunder Dragon or name derived from Sanskrit word “End of Tibet” has extensive range of records from early society to present days. Cleanly, it is a Buddhist Kingdom on the edge of Eastern Himalaya. As we pierce through the country, sceneries are repeatedly characterized by monasteries, fortresses, stupas and prayer flags. Nonetheless, it can be another attributes for comprehending country having prosperous Buddhist practitioner or followers. Geographically, Bhutan is situated between India and China where total land constitute of 38,394 square kilometers. Some basic information required for every tourists/others are:

  1. Capital of Bhutan: Thimphu
  2. Religion: Vajrayana Buddhism
  3. Government: unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy since 18th July 2008
  4. Currency: Ngulturm (BTN)
  5. Time Zone: UTC+6 (BTT)
  6. Calling code: +975

Bhutan is majorly famed for landscape, forest coverage, and popular philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) and decree of dynamic leaders and kingship frequently portrayed as a foundation for tourist attraction since 1974.

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